By now, you’ve likely heard about the Financial Management Modernization (FMM) program where representatives from various departments are working together to transition the campus to a new financial system based on Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) and adopt the new UC-mandated Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA). The change to the CCOA is a complete overhaul of our current Chart of Accounts (COA) account strings and includes:

  • Additional chartfields
  • New chartfield lengths
  • Changes to the order of the fields in the account string

You may recall a message earlier in the year about the related FMM CCOA (Common Chart of Accounts) for Campus Systems project. This sub-project involves working with IT organizations across campus as they remediate this major COA change in applications that currently have chartfields or account strings in them. The FMM project management team has met with representatives from those IT organizations over the last few weeks to identify all of the affected applications.

As a next step, we will host a virtual CCOA Technical Impact Overview meeting on Thursday, January 5 from 3-4:15 p.m. The team will provide information needed for campus IT reps to scope and plan remediation for the current COA in their systems, in order to support future System Integration Testing and transition to the CCOA. This Zoom session is particularly critical for IT reps who have already determined that their systems need remediation, but is open to anyone else who would like to attend. Click here for the Zoom link. 

The focus of the meeting is to provide details needed for remediation; this is not a general informational session on FMM or the CCOA. More general information, including recordings of past information sessions hosted by the implementation team, can be found on the project website. 

Please contact Suzy Danko ( if you have any questions. Meanwhile, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and best wishes in 2023.