Referencing the D-List announcement that came out earlier this month, I want to introduce you to a related project titled FMM CCOA (Common Chart of Accounts) for Campus Systems. One of the drivers for the FMM (Financial Management Modernization) program is UCSB’s transition from the legacy Chart of Accounts (COA) to the new UCOP-mandated Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA). 

This is a complete overhaul of our COA account strings and includes:

  • Additional chartfields
  • New chartfield lengths
  • Changes to the order of the fields in the account string

This project involves working with IT organizations across the campus to provide the details needed to remediate this major COA change in the applications you support that currently have chartfields or account strings in them. We anticipate that some users may wonder how the CCOA will impact those applications and we want to help prepare you to address any concerns they might have. As such, we encourage you to attend the Zoom town hall session on Tuesday, May 24 at 1 p.m.

One of our first steps as we prepare for this remediation is to ensure we have a complete list of impacted applications. The UCSB Application Inventory Authoritative is being used to identify the applications that have Chartfields in them. This list was reviewed in 2019/2020 but new applications have been added since then. 

Requested Action Items:

  • Please review this list to ensure that all of your applications are included 
  • Also, please examine column AK (Chartfields) to ensure that the information captured is correct, using the legend below for reference

You likely won’t have update permissions on that spreadsheet, so please email your updates to If you have a lot of updates, reach out to me and we can schedule a meeting to make them together. Please work to complete your review and provide updates no later than Wednesday, June 15 using the following notations:

  • N = Application does not contain Chartfields
  • Y = Application contains Chartfields.  (Applications with ‘Y’ are anticipated to be included in this project)
  • Y – Retire = Application contains Chartfields but is expected to be retired by July 2024
  • Y – Retired = Application contains Chartfields but is retired
  • Y (Dept ID only) = Application contains only the Dept ID chartfield, no account strings.  (The new financial system will provide cross-reference support to our existing 4-character Dept ID’s, so no change is anticipated)

In addition, you will see in the UCSB Application Inventory Authoritative, column AL (CCOA Integration Impact?) identifies applications that have integrations that will be impacted by the new CCOA.  While certainly related, updating integrations is part of the larger FMM Implementation project and is not included in this CCOA sub-project. If you have an impacted application that currently interfaces/integrates with PeopleSoft, you can expect that your interface/integration will need to be modified as well. A FMM Implementation project team member will work with you separately on that.

Looking ahead, once we have a firm list of impacted applications, we will provide some deep dive sessions for those with applications that require remediation. The goal is to provide sufficient details about the new CCOA to assist those involved in identifying remediation requirements. We will also share the project timeline and our approach for data conversion.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the FMM CCOA for Campus Systems project or the FMM program in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at