After slowing down throughout the summer to complete activities related to fiscal close, the FMM program team is ramping up for a busy Fall quarter. Design sessions for the new system are expected to be complete by the end of October. We’d like to share several program developments worth highlighting since Spring, along with some informative data and upcoming events.

Recent accomplishments:

  • We developed two informational videos for system users:
    • The program introduction video, about 2 minutes long, briefly states the primary objectives, transition expectations, and goals of the FMM program.
    • The CCOA segment overview video, about 5 minutes long, provides a rundown of the future state chart segments and the changes that financial system users will experience compared to the current COA (also known as Full Accounting Unit or Account-Sub-Fund.)
  • Over 900 user stories were drafted and are currently being reviewed and updated during design sessions. User stories define the customer experience and system functionalities to be developed. Various financial roles and types of users on campus, also called personas, are analyzed alongside current business processes on campus to understand the needs and process requirements of user groups. 
  • Our technical team finalized and approved the technical data conversion strategy at the end of July. This consisted of various planning tasks, like assessing data sources for the new system, identifying data that needs to be cleaned up prior to conversion, and evaluating how and when information will be integrated into the new system.
  • We initiated another area of work in the program to address two additional Oracle Financials Cloud modules that the campus will utilize: Enterprise Performance Management & Enterprise Data Management (EPM/EDM). We've completed the estimated timeline for tasks in this program area and planned the effort and capacity hours for team members.
  • Earlier this month, we completed a thorough stakeholder analysis to assess all groups on campus and document how they are impacted by the transition to the new system. Our change, communications, and training (CCT) team conducted interviews and discussions with impacted campus stakeholders at different levels of our organization. Understanding different perspectives and experiences allows us to tailor content to support the unique needs of each group and strategize how to prepare you for success with the new system.

Upcoming events:

Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) Overview Town Hall

CCOA FRU Design Office Hours

  • Thursday, August 25 from 1-2pm PT
  • Tuesday, August 30 from 10-11am PT
  • Zoom meeting link

By the numbers:

  • 443 attendees in the program introduction town hall
  • 921 user stories identified
  • 79 UCSB staff members on the project team

Staying engaged:

  1. Watch the CCOA future segment overview video (~5 minutes)
  2. We also suggest watching this introductory program video (~2 minutes) as a refresher to the primary objectives and goals of the FMM program
  3. Register for the town hall and encourage others to attend

Thank you for your continued support in modernizing our campus financial system. If you have any questions, please submit a contact form on our website or reach out to your departmental representative on the project.